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Sunday 28th July 2013
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Why Putts PERFECT?

How It Works

The Putts Perfect works great due to its unique course shapes, a high quality putting turf, and a way to keep the ball in play at every venue. Similar to mini golf, the Putts Perfect uses a sealed airframe to allow patrons to bounce the ball off of the airframe for great bank shots.

Another key element to the Putts Perfect game is the unique patented Starball putting cup that can be putt into from any direction. This hole is able to be moved to any place on the course to allow for 100’s of different course set ups. This is great when playing with a promotional item that can be placed as an obstacle on the course. The Starball putting cup can then be put into a position that works best for that particular event.

How It Works

Unique Bank Shot Bounce

The Putts Perfect airframe provides a very consistent and powerful bounce off of the rails that allows very accurate bank shots. This provides an added amount of fun when you have to putt around obstacles that are on the course. Get creative and make your own bank shot games.

Unique Bounce

Easy to Set Up

Just about anyone capable of lifting about 20 pounds can set up a Putts Perfect golf game in as little as 5 minutes. Each course layout comes conveniently stored in 2 carrying/storage bags. One carrying bag contains the inflatable airframe, golf balls, Starball putting cup, and the electric inflation pump (if applicable). The second bag carries the putter, loop connectors and the high quality golf putting turfs that the game is played on.

Simply clear a flat, clean, area of play, inflate the course and lay down the carpet. It is that easy!! It is so compact that an entire 9 hole system can fit into a car.

Easy to Set Up

Set It Up Anywhere

The versatility, ease and convenience of the Putts Perfect mini golf course makes setting it up perfect for parties and events of all sorts.

Set it up easily at country clubs, golf pro shops, any style of resort, cruise lines, over the counter rentals, special events, promotional events, corporate and family hotels, catering halls, campgrounds, corporate hospitality suites, trade shows, hotel and home pool decks, boat docks, and many other venues where people congregate and golf is popular.

Set It Up Anywhere

Strong and Durable

The Putts Perfect putting course airframe is made from a highly durable PVC material that is welded together to make unique course shapes, and an air tight seal.

While we do not recommend people needlessly step on the game, it is strong enough for people to stand on during play with little fear of rips and tears.

With proper care, this game will provide many years of trouble free performance.

Strong and Durable
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Available Courses

We currently have 3 unique package styles available to choose from. Our wildly popular PP-TS single course, the PP-3H 3 hole course, and the PP-9H 9 hole course. We will also be releasing a 54’ Long Putt Challenge course for promotional opportunities in the Spring of 2011. We will continue releasing course designs until we have a full 18 hole course available.

The Putts Perfect courses all come complete with the unique style inflatable airframe, 33″ branded putters, branded putting balls, patented Starball putting cup (Patent No. 5,997,406), loop connectors, ground stakes, electric inflation pump(s), high quality putting turfs, airframe carrying bags, turf carrying bags, owners manual, and repair kit.

Please see our products section, or click here to learn more about our packages.


We have a series of videos on You Tube that will help you understand the versatility of the Putts Perfect games. There are literally an unlimited number of promotional applications this Miniature Golf game can be used in. Go to and search for Putts Perfect, or check us out at the following links:

Putts Perfect Basic Play

Starball Putting Cup can be put anywhere on the course!

Putting through the obstacles!

Undulating the surface of the game!

Promotion Opportunities

The Putts Perfect is limitless in its ability to be custom branded for your corporate branding or message. The airframe (yellow vinyl) is available in all Pantone Colors, and any logos and messages can be 4-color process screen printed onto the game. In addition to the inflatable game structure being branded, the balls, putters, inflation pump and Starball putting cup can all be printed with your corporate brand. Minimum quantities apply.

Contact us for more details.

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